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Soft Serve  &  Shake Combo


Quality, Durability, & Profitability

Offer a wide variety of high margin treats with soft serve/shake combo machines from Electro Freeze of Nor Cal!

These pressurized machines, including our patented Mix Transfer System, produce consistently high-quality, great tasting treats that expand the possibilities for your customers. As with all our equipment, our combination machine is easy to operate, maintain and exceptionally durable. And remember, excellent service is always included when purchasing from Electro Freeze of Nor Cal. 

Double your customer’s pleasure and your opportunity for profits with dual purpose, soft serve/shake combo machines from Electro Freeze of Nor Cal.

The 15-78RMT Electro Freeze is 2 machines in 1 for maximum menu flexibility! This pressurized machine produces high-quality, high-volume soft serve and shakes in one footprint. The shake side features a dispense-head-mounted mixer that blends flavors and/or crumb toppings into the shake product as it is dispensed, producing a high-quality, hand-made shake consistency.This machine is ideal for the busiest QSR’s or shops that want speed of delivery with the highest quality shakes and ice cream available!  The fast, easy way to serve flavors regardless of the viscosity of the flavoring syrup or the fruit pulp it contains.

Electro Freeze 15-78RMT by Electro Freeze Nor Cal


  • Mix Hopper: Two, 26 quarts (24.6 liters) each

  • Freezing Cylinder:   One, 5 quarts (4.7 liters) Soft Serve                                                One, 10.5 quarts (9.9 liters) Shake  

  • Voltage: 208/230

  • Motor:     One, 2 HP Soft Serve.

    • One, 1-1/2 HP Shake

  • Compressor:     One, 9500 Btuh.  R404a. Soft Serve                            One, 12000 Btuh.  R404a. Shake 

Btuh may vary depending on compressor used.


Width: 26 1/8“
Depth: 36 5/8”
Height: 67 7/16”  
Weight: 852 lbs.

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