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Slush, Smoothie, & Frozen Beverages

Since 1960, Electro Freeze has invented the first slush freezer designed to run a neutral base.  Our slush and frozen beverage machines are valued for great construction and quality product that deliver margins of up to 85 percent.

Offer your customers delicious natural-fruit slushies, frozen lemonade, frozen cappuccino, wine and slush/soda combinations. Choose from six dependable and easy-to-operate models, including floor and countertop designs. A range of options – illuminated merchandisers, refrigerated hoppers, night-switches, auto-fill systems, flavor injection and more – add to the versatility that meets many different needs.

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Electro Freeze 876C Electro Freeze Nor Cal

Counter Top Models

Electro Freeze 876B Electro Freeze Nor Cal
Electro Freeze 876BRH Electro Freeze Nor Cal
Electro Freeze 812 Electro Freeze Nor Cal

Floor Models

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