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Electro Freeze of Norcal Soft Serve Machine Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Machine

Now you can add candy, cookies, fruit, etc. to your soft serve, frozen yogurt, custard and hard ice cream.  You will notice the great margins from day one for this frozen dessert. The Arctic Swirl® flavor blender was designed to produce this lovable treat. The heavy duty 115v 3/4 hp. mixer and patented spindle will mix any flavor combination quickly and leaves no mess.  

Electro Freeze Nor Cal HDM-75A Machine Electro Freeze of Norcal Soft Serve Machine Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Machine
  • Voltage: 115/60/1 Air

  • Amps: 10

  • Motor: 3/4 hp.

  • Compressor Finish: Stainless Steel Panels

  • Plug Type: 5-15P

Depth: 11 5/16"

Width: 9 1/8"

Height: 25 11/16"

Weight: 40 lbs.



Arctic Swirl® Flavor Blender


H. C. Duke and son manufacture the Blizzard® mixer for International Dairy Queen® — the first to introduce a mixing product on a national basis. This frozen treat consists of soft serve, cookies, candies or toppings blended into soft serve ice cream.


In November of 1984, International Dairy Queen® introduced the Blizzard® to their franchisees at their National Convention in Hawaii. This product consisted of cookies and candies mixed into soft serve. In 1985 Dairy Queen® experienced an impressive 20 to 25 percent increase in average store sales — largely due to the introduction of the Blizzard® product. To mix this treat, a special mixer was required to withstand the stress and strain of blending straight soft serve with cookies and candies. H.C. Duke & Son, LLC. was called upon to manufacture the Blizzard® mixer for Dairy Queen®.

3/4 HORSEPOWER MOTOR Industrial grade motor designed to handle heavy loads. This powerful motor helps to blend a mix-in product quickly and efficiently.

PROVEN BELT DRIVE SYSTEM Stress is put on an inexpensive belt rather than an expensive motor. The belt drive system allows us to use a longer shaft supported by two bearings to reduce vibration and noise.

PATENTED MIXING SHAFT Designed to blend quickly and efficiently without destroying the frozen product or cutting cups. The mixing shaft is manufactured from stainless steel which adds to shaft life and durability.

VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL Allows the operator to control the speed of the mixing shaft for blending. The Arctic Swirl® can be adjusted to blend cookies, candy or fruit with a soft serve or hard pack ice cream — or mix a standard shake. The mixing shaft speed can also be reduced when cleaning or sanitizing, preventing the water or sanitizer from being thrown from the container

SOUND INSULATED Sound deadening insulation covers the inside walls of the top of the mixer where the motor is located. Also, the base is foamed to help reduce noise.

Let your customers create new flavors they love. Offer your customers the delicious flavors and unbelievable candy combinations your competition can’t dream of having.  How about real cookies blended into cookies and cream soft serve? Or just keep it simple with delicious flavors like blueberry, banana, pistachio, or cheesecake. The possibilities are truly endless with the Arctic Swirl.

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