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There are numerous factors that need to be considered and thought through prior to opening a yogurt, soft-serve, frozen coffee, smoothie, or slush shop.  We've been very hands-on with the design and build out of numerous locations in the Northern California, Northern Nevada, and the Hawaiian Islands. Give us a chance to help you get all points of interest worked out before you open up for business, not afterward!  

Location is everything in this business, much like the real estate industry. If you can create an excellent, consistent, unique product then customers will flock to any location. Contact us today for advice. 
Menu Creation & Planning
Use your menu as a communication piece, take advance of its fullest potential. Advertise your product using creative and eye-catching graphics and know this, a little stock photography can go a long way. Even down to the layout has a huge influence on what people order. And let's not forget good product description. We are here to share the best practices from our most successful customers.
Floor Plan/Drawings
Whether it be a new store or changes to your existing store, the look, flow and function of the spot is very important. Our design team will assist with any ideas and dreams you may have. This is a vital way before opening the doors for any business. 
Finding Suppliers
Let us connect you with some of the most reputable distributors and vendors in Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii. We have years of experiences, testing and experimenting with many product bases, mixes, and flavors. We'll find what works best for your equipment and most importantly, what brings your customers coming back for more!
Staff Training

Educate your staff on the importance of maintaining and operating your Electro Freeze machine. Training will provide a cost-effective alternative to keeping and training an in-house team by offering specialist support on a scheduled basis.​

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