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Hard-Pack Ice Cream

& Gelato Freezers

The batch freezer is a simple machine designed to perform all the functions necessary to produce a quality product. It is used to make one batch at a time, hence the name. The process begins with product mix being poured into the freezing cylinder at approximately 40° F, and ends 8-10 minutes later with a semi-frozen product.


 The Electro Freeze batch freezer is a simple machine to operate. You fill the freezing chamber with mix and flavoring ingredients, and set the time for freezing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making butter pecan or strawberry ice cream. The machine takes the ingredients that are fed into it and freezes them to the consistency you want for extruding into a tub.

Imagine the possibilities with our versatile batch freezers: exclusive flavors of ice cream, frozen custard, Italian ice, gelato or sorbet that keep your customers coming back for more. Choose from two sizes to meet your needs. Call today for pricing or questions!


Automatic Consistency Control: Exclusive consistency control automatically shuts off refrigeration when product is at the proper thickness. The consistency control is adjustable for various consistencies.


Fast freezing / High Production: Efficient evaporator and refrigeration system leads to rapid freezing and high production rate. The B24 produces ice cream in 6 min. (add 3 min. of agitation after freezing to produce 100% overrun) B12 produces batches in 4.5 to 5 min.


Digital Timer with Audible Alarm: Set timer for various mixes and flavors. Times alerts operator when product is ready.

Convenient Cam Door Latch: Provides quick and easy interior access.

Built-In Faucet and Flex Hose: Quick rinse-out between flavors. Faucet and flex hose allows for easy cleaning of the cylinder.

Adjustable Shelf: Stainless steel shelf lowers to accommodate larger tubs/ containers.


Fill Spout: Conveniently located on dispensing door. Large opening allows the operator to add fresh fruits and nuts to finished product.


Dispensing Spout: For ease in dispensing. Heavy Duty Dasher: More Durable. Better capability to make water ices.

Click on machine or model number to learn more!

Electro Freeze B12-12 Quart Electro Freeze Nor Cal

12 Quart Cylinder (B12): 12 quart cylinder, combined with a 2HP compressor and 2 HP dasher motor, allows for 25-30 gallons per hour of Gelato and Premium Ice Cream.

Electro Freeze B24-24 Quart Electro Freeze Nor Cal

24 Quart Cylinder (B24): 24 quart cylinder, combined with a 3HP compressor and a 3HP dasher motor, allows for 25-30 gallons of finished product per hour at 100% overrun, even more at lower overruns.

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