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Countertop Cocktail Freezer


High Volume Countertop Cocktail Freezer

 The 876B high-volume counter-model cocktail freezer is pre-set for a high-quality, thicker consistency beverages, perfect for premixed cocktails like margaritas, daiquiris, and spiked teas.  Product viscosity, or thickness, can be manually adjusted to dial-in beverages to your serving needs. The 876B can be water-cooled for large banks of machines in operations at daiquiri and very busy bars/restaurants. There is an option for a refrigerated hopper (BRH) for serving real fruit or dairy mixes, like frozen cappuccinos! This model is perfect for bars, nightclubs, Mexican restaurants, and taquerias.  The large visual product window provides excellent display and merchandising of fun beverage colors.

Electro Freeze 876B by Electro Freeze Nor Cal


  • Mix Hopper: 20 quarts (18.93 liters)

  • Freezing Cylinder: 14 quarts (13.82 liters)

  • Voltage: 115

  • Motor: One, 1 hp.

  • Compressor: One, 6,900 Btuh. R404a. Btuh may vary depending on compressor used.


Width: 17 3/16”
Depth: 24 3/4“
Height: 36”  
Weight:  225 lbs.

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