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High Capacity
Countertop Slush Freezer


High Capacity Countertop Slush Freezer

The 876C countertop slush freezer is designed to serve high quality product fast with easy portion-controls can cut labor time in half. Run a neutral or core flavor and increase your flavor options with the six syrup bottles provided in the rack. Ideal for country clubs, pools, festival booths, and medium size hot dog and hamburger stands that have counter space available to add fun and profitable menu items.

Electro Freeze 876C by Electro Freeze Nor Cal

Width: 17 3/16”
Depth: 24 3/4“
Height: 36 5/8”  
Weight:  255 lbs.


  • Mix Hopper: 20 quarts (18.8 liters)

  • Freezing Cylinder: 14.6 quarts (13.8 liters)

  • Voltage: 115

  • Motor:  One, 1/2 hp.

  • Compressor: One,  5,000 Btuh.



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