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Pressurized Freezer with VQM

Genesis Series™


This extreme-volume 2-flavor soft serve freezer is perfect for serving lots of product in a short amount of time! Featuring the GEN-5400 Genesis Series™ with the Virtual Quality Management System™, perfect to streamline your business. This model includes a front-loading refrigerated cabinet with a high speed pump. Our pressurized machines consistently produce smooth and creamy high and low fat products like ice cream, custard, yogurt and sorbets. Excellent for full-menu ice cream, custard stores, sports arenas, and stadiums.


  • Mix Hopper:  Two, 24 quarts (22.2 liters) each

  • Freezing Cylinder: 5 quarts (4.7 liters) each

  • Voltage: 208/230

  • Motor: Two, 2 hp.

  • Compressor: Two, 19,000 Btuh.



Width: 26 3/16”
Depth: 36 5/8”
Height: 67 1/2”   
Weight: 914 lbs.

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