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7 Important Tips When Designing Your Menu

Did you know, customers spend on average 109 seconds looking at a menu? In many cases, menus are overlooked and underestimated on their potential impact that they can have on your business. A menu is what introduces your specialty to the customer if they’re not pleased with the first impression, you could be losing customers. Here at Electro Freeze of Norcal, we can help conceptualize and design your menu.

Here are 7 simple but important tips to take your menu to the next level.

1. Layout/Structure

Pick a theme and work with it. Utilize your businesses current color scheme, pair, and match with additional colors, patterns, or designs that complement your menu items. Your menu is what ties your food items to your restaurant’s atmosphere. Don’t overwhelm your customers with one lengthy list, make sure that your menu has a nice flow that will guide them through every option.

2. Fonts

Using fun and creative fonts for the headlines and titles is another great way to organize your menu. Have fun with fonts but not too much fun. One can easily get too carried away with using too many fonts, try sticking to 3 or 4. Make sure the fonts are legible!


3. Photos

Take the time and photograph your food and beverage items. Select one or two items from every category, preferably your specialties or signature item. Also, be sure the photographs make your dishes look as appetizing and delicious as possible. Arrange the photos throughout your menu that will clearly guide the customer from item to item.


4. Pricing

Not sure what’s the right amount to charge? Familiarize yourself with other businesses in the surrounding area that are similar to yours. Have a range of options when it comes to pricing and don’t be worried if you need to change them. Try removing all dollar signs from your menu, removing the symbol of the cost will allow your customers to focus on the delicious food and drinks and not how much it’s going to cost them.

5. Food Items

This is where it all comes together. This is why your customers come back for more. Your food and beverages are why you’re in business so make sure you know your items, front to back. When it comes to how descriptive you want to be for each item, don’t hesitate. Be clear and informative on your food items, making sure the customer knows what they are ordering. Try offering different portion sizes. This will offer your customers the option to choose your business over another based on how much they want to eat. If the potential customer is looking for a small and quick meal, your specialty dishes will win them over. Have a signature item! If it’s not a signature item, label your best-selling items with something like, “Customer Favorite”. Lastly, don’t be afraid to change out your dishes. Maybe start with seasonal dishes and go from there.


6. Update Your Menu

Updating your menu is okay! You can start from scratch or start with updating the graphics, either way, is will keep your menu fresh and your returning customers interested. If you find yourself updating your menus too often, then go with a less expensive material to save on costs. If you’re finding yourself having to replace damaged menus, try using a more durable material or laminated your menu for better protection.Investing a little more in your menus can save you more in the long run.

7. Social Media

This most definitely could be its own topic for another blog, but there are many ways to utilize social media and this is just one that can be tied in with your menu.

Ever thought about how just spending one hour a day on Facebook or Instagram could potentially generate free advertisement? With a little bit of upkeep, it’s possible. Select a couple popular menu items and give them their own unique hashtag. Start with daily posts using the hashtag(s), maybe talk about the ingredients, lunchtimes specials, or just the big hype surrounding your popular dishes. Encourage new guests to either post a photo of their favorite dish or to view more photos of your items on your social media platform choice. Place your newly created hashtag(s) next to the food or beverage item on your menu and watch it take off. In a way, your business’s social media platform(s) act like a digital menu- with customer reviews! And there you go, free advertising and product photography for your menu items!

Did this open some doors? Well, we hope it did! Remember, here at Electro Freeze of Norcal we are here to provide you the concept and motivation in guiding your business to success! Our marketing team is happy to help conceptualize and design your menu. And let’s not forgot all the savings and profits you’ll get with a soft-serve or margarita machine from Electro Freeze of Norcal. Give us a call today to talk to anyone of our team members about sales or marketing opportunities! (916) 925-5600

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