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7 Important Tips When Designing Your Menu

Did you know, customers spend on average 109 seconds looking at a menu? In many cases, menus are overlooked and underestimated on their potential impact that they can have on your business. A menu is what introduces your specialty to the customer if they’re not pleased with the first impression, you could be losing customers. Here at Electro Freeze of Norcal, we can help conceptualize and design your menu.

Here are 7 simple but important tips to take your menu to the next level.

1. Layout/Structure

Pick a theme and work with it. Utilize your businesses current color scheme, pair, and match with additional colors, patterns, or designs that complement your menu items. Your menu is what ties your food items to your restaurant’s atmosphere. Don’t overwhelm your customers with one lengthy list, make sure that your menu has a nice flow that will guide them through every option.

2. Fonts

Using fun and creative fonts for the headlines and titles is another great way to organize your menu. Have fun with fonts but not too much fun. One can easily get too carried away with using too many fonts, try sticking to 3 or 4. Make sure the fonts are legible!


3. Photos

Take the time and photograph your food and beverage items. Select one or two items from every category, preferably your specialties or signature item. Also, be sure the photographs make your dishes look as appetizing and delicious as possible. Arrange the photos throughout your menu that will clearly guide the customer from item to item.